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Detox Guide

Detox Guide
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The holidays meant lots of get togethers, lots of deadly sweets, and lots of overeating.  It is such a magical time of year and is often when we get to see family that we may not normally see.

And with your family and vacation comes a lot of lying around and eating.  This is also a time of year when people are inclined to make yummy holiday desserts.  I normally don’t bake and kind of suck at it, but during the holidays, it’s really fun to gather with your family and make delicious treats.



It is incredibly easy to fall into a bad routine during the holidays, because you are thrown out of your ordinary schedule and into vacation mode.  You might be thinking, why go to the gym when I can be spending quality time with the fam and why eat healthy when I can splurge on yummy food and drinks that I deserve after a difficult year.

There is a reason there’s such thing as the phrase, “holiday weight gain.”  It happens to the best of us, me included.  I typically don’t eat very many sweets if at all, so to suddenly snack on desserts every day around Christmas, probably puts my body into shock.  SUGAR OVERLOAD



For some reason at least in the American culture, it is perfectly normal to stuff our faces during the holidays.  We eat like we’ve never eaten before and like we’ll have no food tomorrow.  For the most part that is completely not true and we will probably have leftovers upon leftovers for days to come, so why do we need to overeat?  We may never know, but lately I’ve really been trying to savor my food more and eat more like the Europeans do, slowly and passionately.



No matter how hard I try, I always end up eating food that I don’t normally eat, like sugar and lots of dairy.  Hopefully you kept yourself on track for the most part with a few mishaps along the way and didn’t totally binge.

But, either way you are probably looking for a way to cleanse and detox your body, get back into your normal rhythm, and maybe shed some weight you gained during the holidays.  I would love to share some of the tool I use, so that you can feel healthy and lively after the holidays.


1) Never deprive yourself.

Don’t start the new year with an intense cleanse or diet that you won’t be able to stick to.  You are already off of your normal routine and your body is shocked from how much sugar your body just consumed.  Don’t confuse it further.



3) Drink a ton of liquids.

You want to flush out as many toxins, sugar, etc. that you can.  Consume lots of water and try adding lemon, chlorophyll, activated charcoal, mint, and/or ginger for added detoxing.  I recommend juicing if you know that works for your body.  I know lots of people that feel great after juicing, but personally I don’t feel satisfied and my body has a hard time digesting too many raw vegetables and fruit.

For me, blending vegetables and fruits into a smoothie works better because the plant fiber is more intact.  Do whichever works for your body and digestion, but both juicing and blending are great ways to lose weight and detox.  Try to limit your alcohol and coffee intake and stick to water and herbal tea while detoxing.


2) Start cutting out what you don’t normally eat.

For the purpose of this article, we are just trying to get you back to your normal routine and/or weight before the holiday season.  If you want to make further changes that is something you should do after you first recover from the winter months.  Then, you can start working towards another goal.  So, if you’re not used to eating sweets, cut those out first and replace them with what you normally eat, for example fruit.  Maybe you do normally eat dessert, but you eat more during the holidays.  Then for you, work on lowering the frequency of eating sugar.



3) Ease back into your fitness routine.

Especially if you are a hardcore gym go-er, not going for a couple weeks and then trying to go all in everyday may be a huge shock to your body.  Maybe try going everyday or twice a week and work up to where you left off.  Some great activities anyone can do to speed up the weight loss process, is go on walks and do light yoga.  You won’t be straining yourself, but you’ll still be active.  That paired with better eating, will jumpstart your path to health.  Try tracking your steps with a fitness tracker, my suggestion is UP by Jawbone.  The device pairs with your phone, so that you can track all of your steps, workouts, and weight loss goals from there.


4) Get enough sleep.

I know that sometimes when you’re on vacation, going to holiday parties, and surrounded by family, you’re sleep schedule can get off.  Make sure you’re getting in the habit of sleeping for 7-9 hours, depending on what works for your body.  Personally I feel the best when I get 8-9 hours a night.  There are tons of apps to help you track your sleep, but UP that I suggested in step 3) also has sleep tracking capabilities.


5) Get back on your typical eating schedule.

What also comes with the holidays, is irregular eating times.  I tend to graze a lot during the holidays and then have three large meals.  It adds up and next thing you know, you’re consuming way more food than usual.  Again, do what works for your body, but I find that having normal sized meals and only snacking if I’m really hungry works great for my body.


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What do you do to recover from the holidays?





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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details.

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